Anna Franke is an artist painter, illustrator and collage artist from South Germany, currently living in Berlin. Her working method is very spontaneous and intuitive. She uses digital and analogue techniques and combines different styles. She achieves unforeseen results through improvisation and expressive brushstrokes. Her artworks are combined with fragments of slogans and different qualities of scans and structures. Anna paints and draws since early childhood, influenced by the groups of  Expressionists and Pop Art. Her work is characterized by her studies of communication design in Germany, Austria and Spain and her working experience as an art director in various advertising agencies. Since 2010 she works as a freelance illustrator, founded a collage collective and participated in numerous exhibitions.




2019 Millerntor Gallery #9 / Hamburg/ Viva con Agua ARTS & FC Sankt Pauli / Collagen

2013 artroom BerlinZucker und Schmalz / Collagen

2013 Artsore St. Pauli / Hamburg / Collagitos‘ Idealwahn-Knüllertypen im WSV / Collagen & Malerei

2013 Nachtspeicher 23 / Hamburg / Collagitos‘ Enthuellung der Rastlosen / Collagen & Malerei

2012 Affenfaust Galerie / Hamburg / Apephilharmonie  / Collagen & Malerei

2012 Affenfaust Galerie / Hamburg / 30den blickdicht / Collagitos / Collagen & Malerei

2014 Hotel BarcelóHamburg / Paradiesköpfe /  Collagen & Malerei
2013 Galerie Monarc / Hamburg / Freimut– Arabische Frauen im Aufbruch / Zeichnungen

2011 Metropolis-Kino / Hamburg / Geh ins Kino! / Collagen & Zeichnungen